We are a team of entrepreneurs from Facebook, King, Criteo & Product Madness with a mission to help create lightweight gaming experiences for users. Welcome to Luna Labs and please meet Luna

The Unity to HTML5 Conversion Engine

Playable Ads

Use the Luna engine to create standout playable ads that look and feel like the real game

Create playable ads with the original building blocks, fine-tuned and converted to HTML5.

Powered by Luna, studios can now build playable ad experiences they control and can be proud of

Google Play Instant

The Luna Google Play Instant (GPI) Toolkit includes a wrapper for your HTML5 Playable.

Using the TRY NOW button on the Google Play store you can demo the Playable to your prospects pre install.

As with all Luna Powered HTML5 products, they’re are not interactive videos. Your GPI demo will play just like real game giving your users a real sense of what to expect when installing.

Messenger Apps

The messenger platforms are investing heavily in messenger games. It's a clear strategy across the board

However, the foundation of messenger games is HTML5 which means the vast majority of studios need to build games from scratch to take advantage.

Simply put: It's costly & time-consuming to produce in HTML5

The Luna engine converts entire 2D or 3D games built in Unity and deploys them to the messenger platforms worldwide

Using the existing team, studios can now create quality messenger games in days

Web / Canvas

As Flash finally deprecates next year, many games will no longer function and those revenue streams will need to be replaced

If your studio plans to move to Unity then it's the perfect time to use Luna to convert your titles to HTML5 and make them ready to play on Web or Canvas

Why Luna?

Export your Unity game into a HTML5-native format

Luna's overhead is only 450Kb on top of your assets!

Unlike WebAssembly and asm.js, mobiles can run it too

Built-in support for Facebook Messenger deployment and APIs

Camera- and world-space canvas with most elements supported

Strong support for 3D graphics: lights, meshes, animations...

Split the app into asset bundles and load them on demand

Automated migration of standard and custom materials

Flexible asset export settings for fine-tuning web builds

No asm.js makes Luna's products as fast as they can be on the web

Unlike Emscripten, the output JS is readable and debuggable

Patch any part for performance gains, specific use-case or just for fun

You're in good company!

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