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What is Luna

Luna is a toolkit for producing high quality HTML5 content from Unity games.

The Luna Exporter and Engine helps studios transform their games into playable ads, Google Play Instant apps and messenger games with just a few simple steps.

Create quickly. Iterate instantly.
It's the real game, just lighter.
Bring development back in house.

The Luna Engine

Luna supports all the major features available in Unity. Easily recreate the exact look, feel and gameplay in HTML5.

Real 3D

3D, animations, meshes.... Luna supports all aspects of 3D. Create immersive and engaging experiences for HTML5.


The Luna physics engine provides the same experience and features common to mobile games. Collisions, rigid bodies, movement, forces, impulses, joints.

Particle Systems

Rich support for Shuriken’s features including custom meshes, spritesheet animations, custom simulation spaces and various other settings.

HTML5 possibilities using the Luna Engine

Google Play Instant

Create a real game for users to TRY NOW before downloading. Luna is proudly supported by Google.

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Playable Ads

Create multiple iterations and variations directly from the game. Luna supports all major ad networks out of the box.

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Messenger Apps

Luna converts your entire game for messenger platforms worldwide. WeChat, Line and Facebook.

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Our Work

Wind Rider!

Wind Rider! by Voodoo - fly through a busy city in a wing suit! Luna converted this game which includes over 300 buildings, multiple textures and 3D physics, to run as a Playable Ad and Google Play Instant App.

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PLANK! by Kwalee is a 3D arcade game - try to use the plank to travel between columns. Luna created a Playable Ad directly from the Unity project, in less than 2MB.

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Flip Trickster

Flip Trickster by Lion Studios , is a simulation game - do insane jumps and flips to land the character from crazy heights. Luna converted this game which showcases complex 3D physics, to truly demonstrate the rag doll effect from the Unity game.

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Why Luna

Multiple Iterations

Create multiple iterations for testing and optimisation

Easily Debuggable

The Luna JS output is readable and debuggable


Export entire Unity games into a HTML5 native format

2D and 3D

Support for 2D and 3D games

Unity Features

Supports the major Unity features; meshes, lights, physics, particle systems

Maximum Performance

Luna powered H5 products are optimized for speed, size and performance