Playable Ads

Maintain the true look and feel of the game and produce the very highest quality H5 output.

Build once - hook up the Luna convertor, and create multiple iterations and variations of the game through the Luna Creative UI - no coding required.

All LunaPlayTM playables are packaged and optimised for each platform, and powered by the Luna Engine.

Luna supports all major ad networks out of the box.

Google Play Instant

Let users “Try Now” before downloading the game on Google Play.

Luna GPI demos run just like the real game, giving users a true sense of what to expect before installing.

Choose to demo the entire game or a preferred level or scene. Developers take control and optimise the experience for engagement and LTV.

These are not interactive videos.

Messenger Games

Luna converts entire 2D or 3D games built in Unity and readies them for messenger platforms worldwide.

No need to outsource or hire HTML5 developers. By using Luna, studios can take existing Unity projects and leverage the reach and value of messenger games.

Layer on social mechanics, plug into the platforms’ APIs and open up to new audiences and revenue streams.